The provincial capital

Siena is one of the most popular and visited places in Tuscany, a place extremely rich in history and art and with strong local traditions tied to its 17 districts (called “contrade”) and to the famous Palio di Siena, the biggest annual event that takes place twice each summer in the city.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Siena can be easily reached from the other cities in the region by car, train or bus.The city center is closed to traffic, so if you’re planning to arrive by car you’ll still have to move on foot or by public transport to visit Siena. The train station is located outside the city, but it is well connected with the city center by buses. If you have the time in Tuscany, do return for a second day!

If you’re going to Siena without a car, I recommend you read this article on getting to and visiting Siena without a car which has information on the various ways to get there. If you do drive to Siena, then you’ll certainly find useful information on where to park in this article on Parking in Siena.

A day in Siena is certainly not enough to experience the city in all of its many sides, nor to visit all of its treasures. In a day, however, with a bit of organization, you’ll certainly be able to see the main attractions of Siena and to appreciate the charm and atmosphere of this lovely medieval town, probably leaving with the desire to return as soon as possible. If you have the time in Tuscany, do return for a second day!

Festivities in Siena

Il Palio, July the 2nd Luglio and August the 16th 


Wed 22, May

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