From wine to experience

Capanna Suites is a place dedicated to wine lovers who are passionate about quality wine.

The handing-down of knowledge

Capanna Suites is a product of the hard work of the Cencioni family, who have over 60 years of experience and tradition in winemaking and were among the first to produce Brunello di Montalcino wine. Capanna Suites was created to offer the public an exclusive way to enter into contact with the Cencioni family’s traditions, experience and the very essence of our world of Brunello winemaking.

The wine, where it all began

Capanna Suites is a place dedicated to people who are passionate about wine: real wine lovers. Wine is our cornerstone, the very foundation on which everything else has been built. It is wine that allows us to offer an authentic experience that is complete with the sensations and intense emotions created by truly special Brunello wine. We therefore offer the ideal starting point from which you can discover our wonderful wine region and taste the very best wines.


Experiences - the heart of your Tuscan trip

Our goal is to allow our guests to freely explore our universe of experiences from within the comfort of our property and its immediate surroundings in a relaxed and carefree manner. Each person can choose to focus on something different, from the depths of the colors of our panoramas to the contemplation of our rustic Tuscan architecture that is in perfect harmony with the luxury of modern amenities and quality materials. It is possible to fill your imagination with the marvels of the sublime equilibrium between man and nature that permeates our land, enjoy a refreshing swim in the panoramic pool, and of course be sure not miss out on the quiet pleasure of sipping a glass of wine and having a delicious snack by the pool. You can take in the bouquet of smells in our wine cellar, share with your friends the satisfaction of purchasing a bottle of our finest wine or come alive with enthusiasm during the unrepeatable culinary show in our restaurant, Il Passaggio.

Those who have the desire and energy to venture outside our perimeters can choose to enrich themselves by exploring the dozens of cultural, artisanal, and food and wine wonders of our region.

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