Design and style

Harmony between Tuscan architecture and modernity

Rustic elegance

All the spaces of Capanna Suites, both interior and exterior, were designed and built following a precise idea of beauty: a beauty that is both rustic and elegant, created from the finest cloth, wood, stone, handcrafted metals and natural materials. The modern elements are in perfect harmony with the ancient and traditional Tuscan architectural lines.


Uniqueness and design

All the amenities and furnishings were chosen to bring together uniqueness and variety and to have a special design and style in each room, with harmony as the common thread. The idea that is represented everywhere is the blending of nature and simplicity on one side and design, comfort, modernity and technology on the other.


Automation and sustainability

Our incredible attention to environmental sustainability has pushed us to use home automation technology for our room controls, such as lights, room temperature, hot water, etc., not only to offer our guests welcoming and modern accommodations filled with comfort and intelligence, but also to avoid wasting energy and to contribute, when possible, to a sustainable vision for our company.

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