The future we dream of

A welcoming land with accessible experiences and traditions

Montalcino, a treasure of humanity

We dream of making our region even more welcoming and of making our experiences, the history of winemaking, and our culture always more accessible.

We believe that our region can continue to grow and improve, not only in terms of our wines reaching always higher standards, but also in terms of hospitality, giving guests experiences that are increasingly profound and memorable.

Not just wine

The majority of experiences on our property will surely always be focused on wine, but the horizons are always expanding and include the identity, the profoundness, and the beauty of all the elements (air, bouquet, land, passion, sun, tradition, etc.) that together contribute to the final perfection expressed by our wines. Therefore, we hope to offer our guests at Capanna Suites luxury farm accommodations not only delicious wines, but also unique, unrepeatable and distinct memories.


Always deeper

Capanna Suites opened in 2019. Over time we will continue to develop all the activities and initiatives that connect wine to real life to make our agriturismo an exclusive and sought-after destination. We want to become a truly special gateway to a deeper understanding of Montalcino, allowing you to make our region your own and welcoming you into the very heart of Brunello.


Wed 22, May

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